Dio Brando
the who is my religion i love the who so much holy fuck
When are you going to post some good examples of bad roleplayers on Youtube?

never i can post john lennon nudes instead

i now have a theme fitting to who am i now bye xoxo mai

why are people still seding messages here wtf

ive followed a lot of ppl with canon touhou urls here
hi i have a canon beatles url can we be frends

so many messages wow

hi guys


So, we’ve been informed about a page today.
It’s name is Touhou Smut, Liars and the Hypocrites.
That page definetely does NOT belong to us. And the screenshots are fake, as I heard, that admin changes the pictures with hentai.
Please report the page to get it removed. Thank you.


Things we have to say before saying goodbye.

We’re not gonna post anything anymore.
We have school, Yuki needs to study for university exams, I need to study beacuse I’m a freshman. We both have no time to post any content and we’re bored, so yup. We aren’t going to return in holidays either.

Also, my name is Almina, you all problably knew who am I and I don’t care tbh. My personal tumblr is mituna-velocicaptor, feel free to message if you want.